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One needs only to look at the names of the days and months (Tuesday, Saturday, January and June), the languages of European nations, and the names of the planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) to realize this influence.

While the study of Roman mythology tends to emphasize the major gods - Jupiter, Neptune (god of the sea), Pluto (god of the underworld) and Juno - there existed, of course, a number of “minor” gods and goddesses such as Nemesis, the god of revenge; Cupid, the god of love; Pax, the god of peace; and the Furies, goddesses of vengeance.

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According to legend, Minerva sprang from Jupiter’s head fully formed.From the time of Emperor Augustus the emperor would assume the title of , individuals who read the entrails of animals and the flight of birds to interpret omens, or in other words, the will of the gods.Elaborate rituals were performed to bring Roman victory in battle, and no declaration of war or major event was undertaken without the clear approval of the gods.Next, Jupiter’s wife/sister was Juno, for whom the month of June is named - she was the equivalent of the Greek Hera.Besides being the supreme goddess with a temple on Esquiline Hill, she was the goddess of light and moon, embodying all of the virtues of Roman matron hood - as Juno Lucina she became the goddess of childbirth and fertility.

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Older Dating will make you see the fun side to meeting new people and you'll wish you joined sooner!

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No matter how busy we’ll get, we always make time for our family.

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Several African countries have taken steps to improve the standards of cheetah conservation.

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See KB2817430 for more information about acquiring Office 2013 SP1 for client products, and KB2880552 for more information about SP1 for Office 2013 server products.

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